Water, sewage, and effluent treatment and reuse

Projecting and implementing a treatment plant

estações de tratamento de água, esgoto ou efluentes para reúso

AF SW designs several different kinds of water, sewage, and effluent treatment plants, focusing both on utilization or reuse and on water quality adjustment for disposal in collection networks or bodies of water. More.

Managing and operating a treatment plant

gestão e operação de estações de tratamento

A water, sewage, or effluent treatment plant is a high-complexity system that needs specialized operation and maintenance to function properly and to maintain the quality levels of the water it produces. Find out more about the services AF SW offers in treatment plant management and operation.

Contract regimes

regimes de contratação turnk-key BOT

Implementing a AF SW designed treatment plant can happen in several contract models, such as basic or executive projects, turn-key solutions, and B.O.T (build, operate and transfer) regimes. More.

Urban infrastructure projects and loss management and control in networks

Urban infrastructure projects

projeto de infraestrutura urbana

AF SW works with hydraulic infrastructure projects, such as water, sewage, and surface drainage networks for major enterprises, allotments, logistic and port terminals, and for public networks. More.

Water supply network management

Projeto de gestão de redes de abastecimento de água

Water supply network management and operation modernization contribute not only to minimizing losses, but also to increasing the quality of their services and lowering operational costs. Find out more about all services AF SW offers for managing and controlling losses in water supply networks and how they can be integrated.

Water conservation and projects for buildings

Hydraulic projects for buildings

projeto hidráulico predial

AF SW implements hydraulic projects for several kinds of buildings, from smaller residential and commercial buildings to major commercial and industrial enterprises. More.

WCP – Water conservation programs

programa de conservação de água

A water conservation program (WCP) consists of actions that target lowering water demand through water saving measures and hydraulic system loss control as well as increasing water supply by using alternative sources such as water catchment, rainwater harvesting, and treatment and reuse of effluents. More.