Managing and operating water, sewage, and effluent treatment and reuse plants

gestão e operação de estações de tratamento

Water, sewage, and effluent treatment plants are high-complexity systems that need specialized operation and maintenance to function properly and to maintain the quality levels of the water they produce. Find out more about the services AF SW offers in treatment plants management.

Monitoring and automation of treatment plants

AF SW develops complete projects for water quality monitoring and automation in all processes involved in plants, such as pumping, aeration systems, tank level control, and flow control, among others, using proprietary as well as third party technology. These projects encompass everything from existing systems inspection and diagnostics to projecting new systems – including selection and dimensioning of all necessary equipment such as sensors, actuators, and communication systems – and implementing supervisory systems (SCADA software).

Operating treatment plants

As well as implementing monitoring and automation systems, AF SW also provides treatment plant operation services, being able to help in several existing processes or even overlook the entire operation.