Contract regimes for water, sewage, and effluent treatment and reuse plants

regimes de contratação turnk-key BOT

Implementation of AFSW designed treatment plants can be regulated by several contract models:

  • Supplying viability studies.
  • Supplying basic or executive projects.
  • Turn-key solutions including not only projects, but also plant execution and commissioning, delivering a ready-to-use system for the client.
  • Turn-key solutions and subsequent plant operation.
  • B.O.T. regimes.

The B.O.T. (build, operate, and transfer) regime consists of a highly attractive contract model in which AF SW does all the necessary investment for implementing and operating the plant.

Therefore, there is no need for the client to invest or assume any inherent risk associated with implementing and operating certain systems, such as drilling wells or executing Reuse Water Production Plants (RWPPs); all this becomes AF SW’s responsibility. In this regime, after the plant is implemented, operation is also AF SW’s full responsibility; we supply water of the quality standard agreed upon during negotiations.

The client is responsible only for supplying enough space for system implementation and for paying for its operation proportionally to the volume of water treated. After the contract expires, the plant is transferred to the client with no additional cost.