monitoramento remoto do consumo da água

Type of project: Water conservation program – Water consumption remote monitoring
Client: Sonae Sierra – Plaza Sul Shopping Mall
Date: 2013
About the enterprise:
• Type of enterprise: Shopping mall.
• Gross leasable area: 23,500 m².
• Number of stores that consume water: 55.
• Amount of stores/water meters monitored: 13 stores with the highest levels of water consumption (plus 11 stores to a total of 24 stores in the implementation stage).
• New water meter selection and scaling.
• Remote, automatic monitoring of tenants’ water consumption.
• Monitoring software maintenance.
About the system:
• Scalability: the system is able to integrate new meters to the existing structure without lowering performance.
• Measuring technology: ultrasonic water meters without moving parts.
• Communication technology: m-bus protocol in which data transmission and energy supply for meters use the same pair of cables.
• Sharewater’s automation system, responsible for receiving field data, treating it, and presenting it to system operators remotely through the internet, using open source, completely free supervisory software.
• Increase of estimated monthly revenue (less measuring errors and decrease in measuring labor costs): R$ 3,445.00.
• Total invested in the program: R$ 15,500.00.
• Simple payback: 4,5 months.

dados do monitoramento remoto do consumo de água
monitoramento remoto do consumo da água
monitoramento remoto do consumo da água
monitoramento remoto do consumo de água